Viña Requingua is the cradle of the Toro de Piedra wines. In this emblematic vineyard our enologists found the ideal conditions in which to advance in their quest to make remarkable wines.

20 years later, this insatiable search to find the terroirs which display the best winemaking conditions continues, we seek to coax the maximum potential from each grape variety which has led to our Toro de Piedra wines containing grapes from different origins.

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Our processes

Harvest begins when the grapes have reached their optimal levels of acidity and sugar. This is defined by the enologist in accordance to the type of wine to be elaborated.
Toro de Piedra seeks to create balanced wines, the perfect blend of youth and maturity, which is the reason why the grapes are harvested slightly before reaching maximum ripeness.

Our winemaking process is traditional, meaning it is done without the assistance of technology. The cycle of crushing, fermentation, maceration, pressing and aging (for red wines) is done without the use of technology to alter the process. The traditional art of winemaking is preserved.

Our wines are aged in barrels of French and American oak. Toro de Piedra spends 12 months in the barrels, where the contact of the wine with wood during the aging process adds complexity, structure and elegance to the wine. The barrels mainly impart aroma and secondary flavours of vanilla, coconut and smoked wood among others. The management of this stage is entirely manual (decanting, cleaning of the casks).

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